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The VOID Partner Program

Regardless of whether your organisation is a managed service provider, value-added reseller or system integrator, VOID's Channel Partner Program gives you access to a suite of award-winning cyber security services.

Building trust

For more than a decade, we've engaged with partners to address mitigate every threat that our joint customers have faced. VOID develops best-in-class cybersecurity solutions to secure businesses all over the world distributed through our network of partners.

Good partnership has always been at the center of our business. No one person, institution or business can achieve cyber resilience alone. Combating today’s threats means working together to co-create products and services and sharing our expertise with our partners when they need it.

Great technology is at the core of this collaboration, but it is great partnership that makes it valuable. We believe VOID will enable you to create even more demand for your services. Our experience and capability protects critical businesses around the world. We’re proud to say not one of our customers has suffered a significant loss while we’ve been protecting them. That’s why so many of our partnerships have lasted over a decade.

VOID's Four Pillars of Good Partnership

VOID's Four Pillars of Good Partnership

We focus on helping you deliver security outcomes for customers that match their desired business outcomes. We believe security should be an enabler not a blocker of business, boosting efficiency, supporting strategic goals and never limiting our joint-customers’ ability to compete in their chosen markets.
Outcome-based Security

To help our joint customers achieve their desired security outcomes, everyone needs to know their role. Our co-security approach ensures we create the security outcomes by collaborating with our partners. This can range from supplying the best-in-class technology you need, to helping you develop your managed security offering.  
Co-security approach

Our cyber security platform simplifies your life by giving improved visibility and unmatched intelligence from deep automation - managed through a single security console. Our offerings are constantly refined so you can do more with less effort, freeing you to focus on your customers and business.
Instinctive Technology

Our decades of experience combating threats in the field means you are never alone. VOID has the expertise you need, when you need it. That could mean providing your staff with support and training, or getting involved with the most difficult cases directly through our Elevate service.
Proven Expertise

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