Safely into the fall: Pentest service packages at a special price

February 21, 2019

With the aim of increasing client and perimeter security in companies, we have put together two new pentest service packages. These give you the opportunity to quickly and efficiently get an overview of your current cyber risks and vulnerabilities. The packages can now be booked for the coming year.

For companies in all industries, the probability of becoming a victim of a cyber attack is increasing rapidly. Attackers use increasingly sophisticated methods to detect security gaps in IT and OT systems and thus gain access to corporate networks. So that you can better protect yourself against such attacks and start the autumn safely, we have put together new pentest packages that you can use to get an overview of your current cyber risks and vulnerabilities. The services and recommended measures contained therein give you the opportunity to increase protection against automated malware (ransomware) and against targeted attacks in the short term.

After completing our pen tests, we produce a comprehensive and presentable technical report for all decision-making levels. In addition, your IT department receives recommended measures for each identified vulnerability.

Deep. Controlled. Successful.

The pen tests are carried out by r-tec specialists with Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) and/or Certified Red Team Operator (CRTO) certification. These not only rely on automated vulnerability scanners, but also always on manual checkpoints. Finally, due to a constantly increasing degree of digitization and networking, ever more complex networks of connections are emerging, in which new security gaps are constantly opening up that cannot be detected by scanners. Through the manual check, the experienced pentesters are able to uncover these sources of danger before they can be used by cybercriminals.

With more than 20 years of experience, we find weak points that others do not find:

  • In over 90% of internal open-scope pentests, we gain full control over the entire corporate network
  • During a password audit, we receive an average of 80% of all plain text passwords used in a company
  • Shortest time from start to system takeover: 5 minutes

Reliable verification of client security

The "Client Security" package includes testing the client security of a sample system in the areas of physical security, operating system security and network security as well as protection against malware. Among other things, the pen tests reveal how protection against malware can be increased, the physical security of end devices increased and the reading of access data made more difficult. It also analyzes which standard Windows configurations used by cybercriminals can lead to malware execution and rapid spread in the network. The scope of services also includes detailed reporting with specific recommended measures for each vulnerability discovered.

Ensure perimeter security through scans and manual analysis

In the "perimeter security" area, we use automated scans and manual analyzes to check the customer's Internet-accessible systems for vulnerabilities. The focus of this work package is on finding critical vulnerabilities that can allow access to the internal company network. A report is then created with concrete recommendations for action for each discovered vulnerability.


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